Alcudia, places of interest and much more

Alcudia has a great cultural patrimony. Since 123 a.c., it has been known to belong to different cultures that made this small town their home.

In the first instance, the Phoenicians and Greeks established themselves and were later conquered by the Arabs. This conquest gave rise to the name from Arabic ( al-kudia ), which means “the hill”. Later it remained in the hands of Jaime I until 1229 when he defeated the “Moros”.

Without a doubt, this city has shown that it has a history as rich as its waters. Its architecture is still today influenced by its history.

A city wall and characteristics of Alcudia

In the 14th century Jaime II decided to build a city wall to protect the city against the constant pirate raids. Without success, the inhabitants around Aslcudia decided to retreat to the surrounding mountains. As a result, the town remained almost uninhabited and almost disappeared. In the course of time and by controlling the waters, a port was built around 1779, which, together with the city wall, kept these raids under control. Therefore, the town was ready to welcome its inhabitants again.

These historical details can be felt in the city, and today, with more than 20,000 inhabitants, it is swinging and active. Like no other, it preserves a large part of the buildings and the historical core. The pedestrian zone, which at other times served as a passage for the marketers, today offers a spectacular walk, where one can enjoy the view, the colonial buildings and in contrast new pubs and restaurants, as well as Artesanie shops and others.

What to do in Alcudia?

One of the most important attractions to enjoy a stay in Alcudia are the OPEN AIR concerts on the city wall. They are free of charge and you can book a programme with the tourist office

received. From medieval music to jazz, theatre performances and the weekly market. On Tuesdays and Sundays, you can create a variety of memories, souvenirs and local guides are for sale. This town also offers beautiful excursions by bicycle into the mountains. It also offers routes for hikers and you should not miss the port, where the best water sports are offered; surfing, sailing trips and deep diving, as well as the most popular sport in this zone ” golf “.

Restaurants and bars in Alcudia ” Where to eat ?”

This city offers a great variety of gastronomy. Inspired by the classic Mediterranean cuisine of this place.

In the Osteria “El Patio” traditional cuisine of the city. But you can also visit the restaurant “Ronda 63”, where delicious dishes, influenced by the Asian cuisine, are offered for the international tastes.